This document is drawn up by Studio Legale Vedova, placed in Venezia-Mestre, Galleria Matteotti n. 3.

The information below established by the Authority of personal data protection (the Italian “Autorità Garante per la Protezione dei dati personali”) on the 8th of May 2015, consisting identification for information an acquisition of the consent for use of cookies.

Studio Legale Vedova intends to inform you the use of cookies for its website to provide to improve the experience and service for its users.


Cookie is a small piece of text that allow the website to remember information about the site utilization and to comprehend the navigation experiences and any requirements. The data collected by cookies are used to make the navigation experience more enjoyable and more efficient for the future. This website uses technical cookies. This cookies are cookies necessary for website navigation or to provide the services offered by the website. They are not used for ulterior purposes.

The user can opposed itself to cookies exploitation with the following procedure below.

Usually the cookies are divided in Technical cookies and Profiling cookies.

Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication on an electronic communications network or, as strictly necessary, for sending to the provider of a service of a company the information explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to deliver that service. In reference to these cookies is expected an opt-out system.

Profiling cookies are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the context of browsing the net.

For use of the profiling cookies, the consent of the person involved is required.

The user, well informed, is able to consent in a simplified mode explained in a specific banner, but the user will be able to opt-out in case he changes his mind.

The web site uses only technical cookies, except as described in google analytics.


The web site uses technical cookies. These allow the user to navigate through the website or application and use the various or service there. For example, with traffic control and data communication, to identify the session, access restricted web parts, use the security features during navigation and remember the elements of an order. Cookies don’t registered any personal information about singular user and identifiable data are not stored. The user can opposed itself to the use of cookies. If you block the use of cookies on your browser it may disrupt some services or functionally of the website may be reduced.

At the moment the web site uses two types of technical cookies both uses to enable the language function of the web site. In detail technical cookies are:

1) _icl_current_language

2) _icl_visitor_lang_js

For information about these Cookies technical characteristics:


Taking account of the different subject that installs the cookies on the user’s terminal, depending on whether it involves the same operator of the site that the user is visiting, or the operator of a different site that installs the cookies through the first one, a definition is made of either first-party cookies or third-party cookies.


The web site uses another Type of cookie called Google analytics, which is composed in two different cookie _ga and _gat.

Google analytics is a web analysis service provided by google, Inc. and it is a third part cookie.

Analytic cookies are tracking cookies to generate statistics regarding use of the website; Google Analytics uses cookies which do not store personal data and that are deposited on a user’s computer to permit the web site operator to analyses how users use that site.

According to Guarantor of the privacy is not simple determining if Google analytics are a technical cookie or a profiling cookie.

In Studio Legale Vedova website google analytics is assimilated to technical cookies, which do not require prior consent.

In order to understand the google cookie function and the possibility to deny the consents to these files utilization, you defer to the information written by google, which you can find in this internet address:


The user can block or delete (fully or partially) the cookie also through the specific functions of the navigation program (browser): however, in the hypothesis in which all or some of the mentioned technical cookies are disabled, it is possible that the web site is no more accessible or that some services or specific functions are not available or do not work correctly and/or the user may be obliged to modify or to enter some information or preferences manually at each visit.
It is possible to look up to the reference instructions to find more information on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through navigation.