20141016_Vedova_Slicing_freccia_25x25Business Service

The Law Firm is able to associate its legal expertise and typical strategic business vision, proposing in certain cases alternative solutions but also knowing how to redirect certain initiatives by identifying the risks and consequences. Therefor it is of great importance the full knowledge of the client company.
This knowledgement permits the firm to analysis and to monitories the activity, with the aim of creating and developing a most appropriate business model for our client, adapting it according the demands and changes of the market.
The firm provides consultancy and preventive risks analysis (legislative models Lgs.d 231, product safety certification, job security) and legal support during the development phase for protection tools (brands/trademarks, patents, generally IP) and prevention of potential damaging events (national and international contracts).
The firm is able to give assistance to customers in various legal litigation stages as courts (civil court, administrative court, criminal court and tax court) as well as supervisors authority (AGCM, Consob, etc.…) and in arbitration (national and international)

20141016_Vedova_Slicing_freccia_25x25Individual Services

The firm activity is made by the people for the people. In addition to the professionalism we put the sensitivity to the needs and expectations of our clients, with reliability, fairness, and ethical sense:
pursuing those values the law firm succeed to render its ability on matters affecting the personal lives of its clients (family law, succession law).
In addition to family matters, in peoples life events related to crimes of criminal and tax related matters have significant relevance, the Firm is able to provide a professional service, competent to analyse these issues and develope the best option for a specific problem.
The Firm provides also a number of services for the financial and administrative management of family assets. The activities are conducted through distinct phases of specialized planning and expert advice. In addition to these various services we also guide our clients in maintaining the relationship among family members in their capacity as beneficiaries.
The economic and financial expertise of the firm allows to provide an adequate support on issues concerning relations with the banks and credit institutions.

20141016_Vedova_Slicing_freccia_25x25Business Development

The law firm is a Business Partner of its client, providing, confronting and responding day-by-day the different requests the company may have.

20141016_Vedova_Slicing_freccia_25x25Onlus and Pro Bono Associations

The sensibility gained by the Firm, has extend also towards the world that surrounds it, providing legal assistance to parties that have economical difficulty and charities who pursue their activities in favour of the disadvantaged and or for those how try to recover and protect their artistic heritage.